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Performance Excellence

Flute lessons in this studio seek to cultivate a love and joy of music that will last a lifetime. Every unique individual who expresses an interest in learning to play the flute is welcomed and treated with respect in this studio. In this supportive environment, students of all ages can flourish as flutists and/or piccoloists and enjoy the experience whatever his or her unique goals may be. Students as early as age 6 or 7 can begin learning music if they express an interest in it. Some choose to begin on the recorder for basic music introduction, then switch to the flute in a year or two. Some choose to begin directly with the curved head-joint flute for younger or smaller players when it is difficult to hold up the flute or reach the keys. Many adults have decided to begin flute instruction because they have always wanted to do so, or would like to sharpen their skills. Ms. Guernsey has had 15 years experience teaching students from age 6 to senior citizens.

Lessons are $20 for a half-hour, $30 for 45 minutes and $40 for an hour. Lessons in the student's home are possible with additional fees.


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